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Hanoi: Strictly handle violating drivers through cruise monitoring equipment

Hanoi Department of Transport has requested transport business units to inspect and strictly handle violating drivers through cruise monitoring equipment.

The Hanoi Department of Transport has issued a written request to the transport business units in the area to inspect, remind and strictly handle violations of driving through the cruise monitoring system (GSHT). Units need to regularly check and promptly repair damage to GSHT equipment to serve the inspection and supervision.


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Hanoi requires transport business units to strictly handle violating drivers through the GSHT equipment system

The Hanoi Department of Transport said that through the review of the functional department, many transport business units had violated the driving regulations and did not notify the Department of Transportation because the communication equipment did not transmit signals. This situation affects the state management of the transport sector, making it difficult to handle violations.

“In order to rectify and overcome the above situation, and at the same time to effectively implement measures to curb traffic accidents, transport units need to strengthen the monitoring, rectification, reminding and strictly handling of driving. The vehicle must thoroughly overcome the damage of the GSHT equipment; In case, the violation does not transmit data due to the equipment supplier of the GSHT equipment, the transport enterprise must contact to have a measure. This must be reported to the Department of Transport and must clearly state the time for remedying, “the Department of Transport requested.

thiet bi giam sat hanh trinh

Traffic inspectors check the operation of equipment for monitoring the journey of vehicles joining in traffic.

Ninh Binh: To rectify and handle violations in transport activities through cruise surveillance equipment

Recently, although the signal transmission for monitoring the journey of means of transport business in the area has improved, transport units have been more interested in maintaining the operation of monitoring equipment. Journeys.

However, violations of passenger transportation by bus, taxi and contract vehicles as well as trucks are still common. In particular, many vehicles do not transmit signals through the cruise monitoring equipment for many months.

According to statistics, in February 2019 in the province alone, up to 173 vehicles did not carry the signal through the cruise monitoring equipment; in March, there were 67 vehicles not transmitting data via cruise monitoring equipment; 10 transport units have not yet provided the information to access the cruise monitoring equipment.

Up to now, the review of the functional department shows that many units have not overcome and did not notify the Department of Transport of the reason for the cruise monitoring equipment not transmitting signals, affecting the management. State management for the field of transport of the Department, making it difficult for the management and handling of violations.

According to our research, currently transport companies are subject to many taxes and fees, so each ride is pushed up the cost, causing some businesses to find countermeasures and choose cheap devices. and the installation of itinerary is only formal. Many motor vehicles intentionally do not transmit data to avoid sanctions. Not only transportation businesses, drivers also have a lot of tricks to avoid being checked, handled violations by disconnecting or turning off the cruise monitoring equipment.

Explaining this action, a passenger driver specializing in the route of Ninh Binh – Hanoi said: It is hard to avoid traffic safety when traveling on the road. When committing traffic violations, drivers will face the burden of paying fines, while the income from driving is not high, causing them to disconnect the data transmission device to avoid getting authorities. ability to handle violations.

The representative of the Department of Transport said: Before the violations of the transport and driving units, the Department of Transport had many corrections and requested the transport units to fix equipment errors. Cruise monitoring does not transmit signals.

Every month, the Department will list the list of units that have the means of violation and send a timely notice and reminder to the units; at the same time, focus on verifying and thoroughly handling violations. In April, the Department of Transport issued a decision to revoke the transportation badges of 82/173 vehicles that continue to violate not transmitting the data of cruise control equipment to the General Department’s itinerary monitoring information system. Vietnam road and send a decision to each transport unit whose vehicle has its badge revoked; in particular, the violated means handled focused on taxis and trucks. Remind 100% of vehicles not transmitting data in months and transportation units have not provided the information to access the cruise monitoring device.

At the same time, regularly propagating and educating the sense of law observance, professional ethics for drivers and service personnel in vehicles at transport units. Along with that, the bus station management units have seriously implemented the tracking and checking data from the cruise monitoring device. Absolutely not solve the departure of the vehicle does not transmit the data of journey monitoring equipment to the Vietnam Road Administration. The representative also said: “Data transmission is the responsibility of the transport business and supplier of cruise control equipment. In the case of an enterprise, drivers who intentionally do not transmit data or commit recidivism will be strictly punished according to Circular 10 of the Ministry of Transport ”

However, in order to fully handle the situation, to strengthen the management of transport activities, minimize the risk of traffic accidents involving transport business cars, Department of Transport. Transport requires time to transport units by car to urgently review the entire management and operation of transport in the unit, which focuses on research, survey, making plans. run appropriate vehicles, arrange the number of drivers in line with the itinerary for driving, ensure the driving time as prescribed.

At the same time, working with the cruise monitoring equipment provider to review and ensure 100% of the vehicle’s cruise monitoring equipment is transmitted continuously to the General Department of Roads servers. Vietnam. Arrange employees to regularly monitor the data of the journey monitoring device to promptly remind and correct driving violations, prevent the continuation of violations (especially speed violations). ; make a record of the driver’s violations, take the form of handling according to the unit’s internal regulations to rectify and deter intentional violations.

Develop and implement a plan for maintenance and repair of vehicles in accordance with regulations. In addition, the Department asked the traffic inspectorate to intensify the inspection and handling of violations in the field of passenger transport business by auto in the area; coordinate with the Transport Management Department, vehicles and drivers to conduct specialized inspection of data transmission to Vietnam Road Administration, and handle violations according to current regulations.

At the same time, coordinate with the traffic police force to inspect and handle cases of passenger cars showing signs of carrying more people than prescribed, passenger transport business vehicles without badges issued by agencies. Competence granted according to regulations.

Dong Nai: Strengthening vehicle operation inspection through cruise monitoring equipment

Dong Nai Department of Transport has just issued a written request to enterprises and transport business cooperatives to intensify the dissemination and thorough understanding to drivers and service employees to strictly abide by the law. law on transportation business conditions. Monitor, manage and closely monitor vehicles through data from the cruise monitoring device on the online monitoring software to remind, correct, prevent and promptly handle violations on: speed, journey, stopping, continuous driving time, device signal loss …


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