2. Management of passenger cars and trucks


1. General information

Adsun provides legal solutions for passenger cars, trucks, and passenger cars with many preeminent features. Adsun built the system focusing on 2 main objectives:

  • Meet the mandatory regulations to install cruise monitoring equipment for regulatory agencies. Hardware and software equipment is fully featured, certified to comply with QCVN 31: 2014 / BGTVT, ensuring registration standards and stable operation.

  • Provide useful tools to support transport business units to monitor and manage vehicles more conveniently and effectively, reduce costs and time in management, improve business efficiency.

2. The main features of the system

  • Vehicle management online via website or smartphone application, see more information about the current status of the vehicle: location, speed, driver information, car door, engine, air conditioner, number of stops, number violations of speed and driving time, …
  • Review the vehicle journey for an optional time, draw a route on a digital map with complete information about the vehicle’s status.
  • Report according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport: general report by vehicle and driver, itinerary reports, speed, stopping, driving time.
  • The report is for management purposes of car owners, businesses only.
  • Create zones, points on the map to manage vehicles in these areas / points.
  • Statistics of the number of times a vehicle passes through a tollgate.
  • Fuel management: view fuel levels, report abnormal fuel events, draw fuel consumption graphs based on distance and time.
  • Camera takes pictures and transmits images to the server to see the management website.
    Temperature monitoring for refrigerated vehicles.
  • Track and manage the maintenance schedule, maintenance, vehicle registration.

    3. Illustrating images