What is production management - Effective production management method.

Production management model

Effective production management helps businesses take the initiative in their production and business activities, minimize risks and minimize unnecessary expenses. The overview of information provides knowledge around production management activities such as:

  •  What is the production management concept.
  •  Production management process.
  •  Organizational model and production management.
  •  Effective production management method …

1. What is the concept of production management?

Production management is a stage of production and business activities associated with factories and workshops in the enterprise; participate directly in the planning and monitoring of the progress of the production process to ensure the delivery of goods on time, meeting the quantity and quality requirements as planned.

2. Production management process in the enterprise
The production management process in an enterprise consists of 4 main stages:

  • Assessment of production capacity: The evaluation of production capacity will help enterprises determine their potential market size and need any norms of demand. From there there is an assessment, a balance with the capacity of the business, whether it meets or not and at what level?
  • Planning of demand for materials: Based on the assessment of market demand and production experience, managers need to make a plan for the demand for materials needed to carry out the work. production as planned.
  • Production stage management: Managers need to outline a detailed process in the production process and follow the specified process to ensure the strictest, most reasonable to minimize any defect errors. born.
  • Product quality management: The product is the brand face of your business, so the role of product quality management is essential. Product management and inspection must have a report on the quantity, properties and classification characteristics of each product according to the initial set criteria.

3. Organizational model and production management in enterprises

Depending on the size and characteristics of manufacturing industries, each enterprise will have a separate production organization and management model. Based on the function criteria, the organizational structure of production management in an enterprise will have the following main parts:

  • Department of management: usually the production manager, the head of the department – the deputy production department. This is the headquarters of production, keeping vital functions. To advise the Board of Directors in planning production organization, allocating resources to ensure the target plan; Exploit and operate effectively the company’s technological chain system.
  • Main production department: is a department directly manufacturing main products. In this department, raw materials after processing will become the main products of the business.
  • Ancillary production department: The operation of this department has a direct effect on the main production, ensuring that the main production can proceed continuously and steadily.
  • Auxiliary production part: is the part to make use of waste and faulty products of the main production to create sub-products.
  • Production service department: is a department organized to ensure the supply, storage, allocation and transportation of raw materials, fuels, finished products and labor tools.

4. Effective production management method

There are usually 3 flexible methods of production management that are flexibly applied in each business

  • Line organization method: Continuity is a key feature of production line. In order to ensure continuity, the necessary condition is to divide the production process into small work steps in the most reasonable order with a strictly proportional relationship of production time. Each workplace is assigned a specific task step. Therefore, the workplace is equipped with machinery, equipment and specialized tools, operating under a reasonable regime and highly qualified labor organization.
  • Group production method: The characteristic of this method is not to design technological process, arrange machines and tools to produce each specific type of product, but to make for the whole group, based on the expenses. Synthetic details selected. Parts in the same group are machined in the same machine adjustment.
  • Single method: Organizing and processing products one by one or small orders. By this method one does not elaborate a technological process for each product but only general tasks.

Production management is a complex stage and plays an important role, directly affecting the development of enterprises. Many medium and large-scale manufacturing enterprises have modeled and automated with the support of ANDON system to increase accuracy, reduce the load, and simplify simple steps.
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