1.1 AD-W-512 Wireless Central Control Unit


Product features: 

The ANDON processing center is the AD-W-512 processor, which handles the entire ANDON system, receives signals from other components in the system, analyzes, synthesizes and decides to other parts of the system.

In principle: A wired central processing device can manage 512 working locations (where workers activate signals on: supplies, management, maintenance …) to the center. Depending on the size of the company’s operations – when the treatment value is greater than 512, the second device will be used.

With the ANDON wired system, the signal will be transmitted / received via the RS485 port (receiving signals from the SUB, transmitting signals to the Audio Control Device, to computer devices via the Hub in the system)


  • Power Supply: 220V AC.
  • Gateway: RF, LAN.
  • RS485 Gateway: 32.
  • Number of positions in management: 512.

(*)The current improved generation – we have used wireless technology very convenient for construction, installation …
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