1.1 Adsun TMS-4G positioning (standard set of transport protocols)

1. Information: “Vietnam can turn off 2G signal from 2022”

  • The Ministry of Information and Communications is considering a decision on the roadmap to turn off the 2G wave from 1/1/2022. 2G network is the second generation of mobile networks. This technology has wide coverage capabilities, helping users to use their phones to listen and call in many regions of the world. However, this technology cannot allow transmission of data other than voice such as data downloads, email, internet access …
  • Turning off 2G waves in order to free up frequencies and continue using new technologies will increase efficiency to meet the increasing spectrum demand of telecommunications businesses. Turning off the 2G also saves a lot of resources, operator costs for the carrier and the country, and focuses manpower on developing new network technologies, such as 5G.
  • According to the Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), the number of 2G subscribers globally will decrease from 40% in 2017, to 6% by 2025. The number of 2G terminals sold on the market the world market is also decreasing rapidly, expected to only account for 15.1% by 2023.
    Reference: www.vnexpress.net

    2. Adsun TMS-4G – New positioning technology in the future.


    TMS-4G positioning device

    Positioning equipment conforming to standards and regulations

    • Adsun positioning device TMS-4G is the latest version of Adsun navigation line – upgraded from TMS-T100 session, which has stable operation and dominates the positioning market. The application of 4G technology is in line with the world’s development trend – as well as the roadmap to change Vietnam’s telecommunications infrastructure in the near future.
    • Adsun TMS-4G is considered to have many outstanding advantages: the data transmission speed of the 4G route monitoring device is many times faster than 2G GPS navigation device, large bandwidth and compatible with all means of data. materials: high resolution images, video … The device uses the most advanced positioning technology available today, thereby accurately locating the vehicle and maintaining a stable connection.
    • The 4G positioning device uses a multi-satellite receiver in the same product, thereby accurately locating the vehicle and maintaining a stable connection. Like the Adsun line of equipment generation integrating many useful accessories such as: fuel sensor, temperature sensor, photo camera … depending on the needs of the vehicle owner.

    3. Technical specifications

    Ingredient name


    Dimensions (mm)

    (120 x 72 x 25)

    Central processor

    ARM Cortex M3 – 120MHz

    Flash memory: 512KB

    SRAM: 128KB + 4KB

    Memory storage

    128MB, KIOXIA (Toshiba)

    Save 1 month according to BGTVT standards

    At least 1 month when GPRS / FDD connection is lost

    Peripheral connection

    Camera, taximetter, fuel sensor, temperature sensor …

    Sim connected

    Mobi, Viettel, Vina … Sim 2G,4G

    Voltage used

    7VDC – 40VDC

    Operating temperature

    -45 ºC to +85 ºC

    Certificate of conformity

    QCVN 12: 2015/BTTTT

    QCVN 55: 2011/BTTTT

    QCVN 117: 2018/BTTTT

    Certificate of Conformity

    In accordance with QCVN 31: 2014 / BGTVT

    Equipment components

    • 1. Adsun TMS-4G device body
    • 2. GPS antenna
    • 3. GSM antenna
    • 4. Driver’s card

    2. Các thành phần của thiết bị

    • Thân máy thiết bị Adsun TMS-T100
    • Simcard
    • Bộ nhớ: Chip nhớ 128Gb hoặc thẻ nhớ 1Gb đến 8Gb
    • Anten GPS, anten GSM
    • Cáp nguồn

    4. Features of Adsun TMS-4G positioning

      • Track current vehicle route and vehicle route history.
      • Reporting information on vehicle operation: driving time, parking, speeding report, door opening, closing times …
      • Vehicle maintenance status reports.
      • Warning car over speed, violation of parking time, or low battery voltage.
      • Manage the number of vehicles in the area, garage …
      • Manage the vehicle to turn on / off the air conditioner.
      • Connect day and night camera (maximum 4 cameras)
      • Connect fuel, temperature sensors …

    3. Tính năng của định vị Adsun TMS-T100

    • Theo dõi lộ trình xe hiện tại và lịch sử lộ trình xe.
    • Báo cáo thông tin hoạt động của phương tiện vận tải: thời gian lái xe, dừng đỗ, báo cáo quá tốc độ, số lần đóng mở cửa…
    • Báo cáo tình trạng bảo dưỡng phương tiện.
    • Cánh báo xe quá tốc độ, vi phạm thời gian dừng đỗ lâu hay điện áp acqui thấp.
    • Quản lý số lượng xe trong vùng, gara…
    • Quản lý xe tắt / bật điều hòa.
    • Kết nối camera chụp hình ngày đêm (tối đa 4 camera)
    • Kết nối được các cảm biến nhiên liệu, nhiệt độ …

    5. Certificate of standard conformity, regulation conformity was issued by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Information and Communication

    Certificate of conformity

    Type approval certificate

    Previous generation products.

    Adsun TMS-T100


    Adsun TMS-T90


    Adsun TMS-T89

    (*) Note

    In the market, consumers often use the terms when searching or mentioning the Adsun products we taste like:

    Thiết bị định vị Adsun ( thiet bi dinh vi adsun );
    Thiết bị định vịthiet bi dinh vi );
    Định vị xe Ô tô ( dinh vi xe o to );
    Giám sát hành trình ( giam sat hanh trinh );
    Hộp đen Ô tô ( hop den o to );
    Định vị hợp chuẩn ( dinh vi hop chuan );
    Định vị không hợp chuẩn ( dinh vi khong hop chuan );
    Thiết bị giám sát hành trình ( thiet bi giam sat hanh trinh );