Ministry of Transport hot directive on passenger transport management (September 30, 2020)

Bộ GTVT chỉ thị nóng về quản lý vận tải khách

The Ministry of Transport is required to comply with Decree 10/2020 on camera mounting on vehicles used for transport business.

The Ministry of Transport has just issued a Directive on strengthening the management of passenger transportation under the contract specified in Decree 10, Circular 12.

Directive signed by Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho clearly: The Government has issued Decree No. 10 on business and business conditions of car transport. The Minister of Transport then issued Circular No. 12 regulating the organization and management of car transportation and road transport support services.

The Ministry of Transport and the Department of Transport organized the deployment and propaganda to the transport unit, transport association, and bus station unit. However, during the implementation process, the Ministry of Transport received recommendations from the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association and some transport units reflecting the observance of regulations on business and operating business conditions. Passenger load of some transport business units, especially the passenger transport business units under the contract, is not really strict, still coping, form, causing inequity in transport business, negatively affecting service quality and ensuring traffic safety.

In order to overcome the shortcomings in passenger transportation by contract car, drastically handle the situation of “parachute car, toad station”, “contract car runs like a fixed route” thereby contributing to lifting high quality of transport services, minimizing traffic accidents, ensuring fairness, publicity and transparency among different types of road transport business, the Minister of Transport requests the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to strengthen the examining and examining the transport business and business conditions by car; the management of local transport activities, including the management of bus stations, pick-up and drop-off points in the area and the observance of transport regulations by transport agencies, especially focusing into the passenger transport business under the contract; detect and handle in a timely and strict manner violations.

Urgently build software for automatic transport statistics and analysis

To increase the application of information technology to the management of road transport activities; urgently develop software to receive notices of passenger transport contracts, automatically monitor, synthesize, statistic and analyze data to meet management requirements for common use nationwide; building and perfecting the information system for the management of passenger transport business under contract, tourist transport by car; upgrade the online public service system, the cruise monitoring system for uniform application nationwide to ensure compliance with the roadmap specified in Decree No. 10/2000 / ND-CP.

This agency also needs to develop software to manage transport business by car; Implement and coordinate the data connection of software: managing the issuance of signs and badges for cars used for transport business, transport business licenses by car, monitoring of journeys registry, handling violations, and revoking driving licenses to strengthen coordination among state management agencies.

Bộ GTVT chỉ thị nóng về quản lý vận tải khách

The Department of Transport is responsible for informing the list of vehicles issued with the contract car badges to the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or town where the transport operator is headquartered or branch office for coordination.

The Department of Transport and the Department of Transport – Construction of Lao Cai need to review and arrange stops for passenger transport in accordance with the current regulations; Guide the contract passenger transport business units to strictly comply with the current regulations, urge the full provision of the minimum contents of the transport contract. In particular, strictly comply with regulations on data transmission from cruise monitoring equipment; manage the operation of the vehicles of the unit through data from the cruise monitoring device to detect and correct violations in time, ensuring the full and timely data transmission;

These Departments are also responsible for informing the list of vehicles issued with contract car badges to the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or town where the transport operator is headquartered or branch office for coordination. . At the same time, it will post up the list of vehicles with contract vehicle badges on the website of the Department for the convenience of relevant agencies in searching and monitoring;

Extract the data of the cruise monitoring device on the cruise monitoring data system of Directorate for Roads of Vietnam for vehicles that are issued with contract car badges to detect and handle violations.

Directing the traffic inspection force to actively coordinate with the police, traffic police and local authorities to organize inspections and thematic inspections on the operation of passenger transport vehicles under contracts and regular points There are illegal pick-up and drop off activities. Thereby, handling the unit, the passenger transport driver under the contract does not fully meet the conditions for transport business under the contract as prescribed.
Installation of surveillance camera contract car

Departments need to propose and report to the People’s Committee of the province to allow the installation of surveillance camera systems in areas where contract vehicles are frequently available to pick up and drop off passengers (toad stations) for timely inspection and handling. ; Continue to disseminate, propagate and guide the implementation of the law on car transport business in general, passenger transportation by car under contract in particular, and at the same time disseminate the content of this Directive to the transport business units, bus stations in the locality.

The Inspector of the Ministry of Transport shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Department of Transport and the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam in, inspecting and examining the observance of regulations of law on car transport business and business conditions at locality according to the annual inspection plan approved by the Minister of Transport; Directing the Inspector of the Department of Transport to open a rush to inspect and handle violations of passenger transportation under the contract. Implementation time is in the fourth quarter of 2020. At the end of the rush test, report to the Ministry of Transport on the results of the inspection and handling of violations.


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