Why are there annoying cries on cruise control and how to handle them?


Adsun TMS – T90 cruise management device

Many drivers feel uncomfortable or frustrated when driving a normal vehicle and the cruise monitoring device emits a continuous sound for unknown reasons, and also does not know how to stop that cry.

Adsun we would like to explain the causes of possible crises and how to handle them.

3 reasons for the cruise monitoring device make a sound
First reason: Breach of speed limit

When the vehicle moves beyond the speed limit set on the device, depending on the type of vehicle, vehicle and road, each device will be set a different speed limit. When the vehicle exceeds the speed set on the device, the car cruise monitoring device will issue a warning speeding and display an alert on the screen for the Adsun cruise monitoring device.
For example:
Over 90 km / h on regular roads
Over 120 km / h on the highway

The second cause: Violation of driving time

This warning is implemented in accordance with Point 3, Article 5 of Circular No. 09/2015 / TT-BGTVT.
When the vehicle moves continuously for more than 4 hours or the total number of hours is more than 10 hours in a working day (it is understood that the vehicle moving continuously does not stop for 4 hours or stops but the stopping time is not 15 minutes in a row. continue).
The device will issue a warning sound at 3 hours and 45 minutes when violating the continuous driving time of more than 4 hours – this helps the driver handle appropriately (must rest for more than 15 minutes or change drivers).

The purpose of the warning is to notify drivers of violations and will stop parking to ensure health status, to minimize traffic accidents.

The third reason: The driver does not sign when driving

How to fix:

  • In case the vehicle is speeding, the driver needs to slow down below the permissible level to avoid a fine and ensure traffic safety for the driver and the people in the surrounding traffic.
  • In the case of a car locator alerting for violations of continuous driving time: 4 consecutive hours when hearing a warning signal from a car’s navigation device – a violation involving more than 4 hours of driving Continuously – the driver needs to stop for at least 15 minutes to avoid violating the driving time continuously for more than 4 hours without a break, leading to lack of awareness, lack of concentration and loss of calm when handling the situation. situations leading to unsafe traffic.
  • Drivers must log in before the journey.

Hopefully the above sharing of Adsun can help the driver, help to turn off the noise and avoid cold fines or badges under the provisions of the MOT.

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