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Proposal “difficult to support” of the Ministry of Transport

The function of the cruise control equipment has not been fully exploited, the Ministry of Transport has forced the transport business vehicle to attach a camera.

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has just submitted to the Government for consulting Government members to draft a decree replacing Decree 86/2014 on transport business and conditions for transport business by auto. In this draft, the Ministry of Transport proposed that it is necessary to record the driver’s activity images via GPS (itinerary monitoring). This can understand the car must be attached to the camera to provide images and data.

You don’t have to use it to use it

The Ministry of Transport said the proposal, if implemented, would have an impact on 340,000 transport means. The implementation is specified in each stage. Accordingly, will be applied before July 1, 2022 for cars carrying passenger transport business under contracts, travel of 9 seats or more; before July 1, 2023, for cars transporting passengers along fixed routes, buses, container trucks, trailers or semi-trailers; before July 1, 2024, for cars used for goods transport business with design tonnage of 20 tons or more; before July 1, 2025 for cars transporting passengers of under 9 seats.

As noted in Ho Chi Minh City, in addition to the cruise monitoring device, the driver activity image recording is also applied in most buses. The main purpose is to monitor the manner, the service attitude of the driver, the attendant as well as the security issue in the car, rather than adding any other outstanding features. That is not to mention the operation of the monitoring apparatus through the images sent from the camera is also quite complex, requiring a system of machinery and human resources with professional training. For example, at the Center for Public Passenger Transport Management, the bus monitoring system is implemented on a large scale, not only through images from the vehicle’s camera but also through the camera system. on the road…

According to Mr. Le Trung Tinh, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Passenger Cars and Tourism, proposing to attach cameras on transport means is not appropriate, only creating additional burdens for businesses. ) and cause waste to society. Further analyzing the purpose of the proposal, Mr. Tinh said that it is not feasible to limit the negative on the road such as the exposure through camera mounted on the vehicle. The reason is that the camera will mount in fixed positions, not easy to capture negative images, if any. “The above proposal is not necessary because the efficiency is not much, while the cost is large. Moreover, when the cost increases, the disadvantaged object is the people, because the enterprise will add up. on transport funding “- Mr. Tinh acknowledged.

Just make good use of the cruise monitoring device

According to Mr. Tinh, from 2014 – after the effective of Decree 86 – enterprises (enterprises) transport by cars in the form of contracts, inter-provinces, buses, container trucks …, had to implement the roadmap in turn. installing cruise control devices. This device is an effective management tool for many businesses and car owners, when it is possible to record and synthesize information about vehicles and drivers such as location, speed, route, driving time … In addition to the roadmap, most of the transport business vehicles now have to install a new monitoring device to qualify and support the management of individuals and businesses.

It is worth mentioning that currently with the cruise monitoring equipment, the management agency has not yet fully exploited its functions. This device helps the management agency to control the situation of the parachute, the toad, the time the driver controls the car, the car runs on any route …, but has not been implemented effectively and fully exploited. “Therefore, the authorities should focus on exploiting all the functions of the cruise monitoring equipment to be the most effective solution for managing business vehicles,” said Tinh.

Mr. Lam Dai Vinh, Director of Lam Vinh Transport Co., Ltd., frankly proposed adding a camera as if “operating” businesses and car owners. Mr. Vinh said that giving one of the reasons for the need to mount cameras is to limit the situation of corrupt enterprises and functional forces, tax evasion, umbrellas, toads, or “highway” on the road. not suitable. “The negative restriction is the responsibility of the management agency, if it is impossible not to be managed, it will be poured on enterprises” – Mr. Vinh frankly. According to Mr. Vinh, if the camera is mounted on the car to monitor the driver’s behavior, it is more reasonable, but not necessary because it is very expensive to mount a journey monitor with live images. Including operating costs, which businesses bear.

According to the owner of a transport company operating in the field of contract vehicles – tourism in Ho Chi Minh City, an average journey monitoring device costs more than 2 million. However, enterprises only mount to comply with the regulations, they are still rarely used, except in case of accident or violation, sanctioned by the competent authorities. Meanwhile, with a set of cruise monitoring equipment that records and transmits image data, this business owner says the price is double the normal equipment and it is quite expensive to maintain the server, the transmission line. data. “A few cars are okay, but if the enterprise has a few hundred cars, the cost is not small,” said the owner.

Should mount the camera on the street

According to Lam Dai Vinh, instead of forcing transport business cars to attach cameras to limit the negative on the road, the activities of parachutes, toad stations …, authorities should strengthen the camera system on the street. will be more feasible. “This is not only effective for the transport sector, but also better for ensuring security and order” – Mr. Vinh emphasized.

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