Wireless Smart Andon Solution with WISE device



  • In order to gradually turn the traditional factory into a smart factory, a famous panel manufacturer, specializing in providing various sizes of TFT-LCD panels and touch screens has been actively improved. improve the production and management of the factory. And one of the first improvements is that they equip Smart Andon systems for their factories.
  • By renovating its factory in Nanjing, China, it will act as a display venue before expanding the adoption of smart applications to other manufacturing facilities around the world.


  • In the past, the factory had used human power to manage all production tools. Any equipment failure will need to wait until the operator records the incident and arranges maintenance and repair. There is also no detailed record of the state of the machine, so managers know little about the status of the production line, such as the condition of the device.
  • In the end, the panel factory decided to utilize network equipment and collect data to implement a production line monitoring system. By gathering the information of the three color warning lights and adding counting and timing sensors, managers can control the production quantity and operating speed of each machine, while The information collected can be used as a basis to improve overall production plans and productivity.
  • In addition to observing the condition of machines, data needs to be sent to a monitoring station. However, because of the complex environment of the Nanjing factory, it is inconvenient to have a wireless network. The new solution is to use the factory’s existing wireless network to collect and transmit on-site signals to the management center. Wireless devices must be compact and easy to install to avoid taking up too much space.
  • When the work in progress (WIP) passes the workstation every 3 to 5 seconds, the wireless module responsible for collecting data must provide a timely speed to receive signals (accuracy to 0.1. seconds). For software, the control panel manufacturer does not want to use too many human resources to develop the system and prioritizes the purchase of a remote monitoring software that can ensure integration with factory management software.


  • Advantech proposed a production line monitoring solution with a simple architecture by combining the IoT module of the WISE-4050 wireless device with WebAccess HMI / SCADA software. At the production site, the WISE-4050 multichannel digital input / output device connects three color lights and a timer / count sensor, and then uploads the data wirelessly to the system. At the control center, WebAccess immediately and flexibly pre- and post-information on the computer screen, so managers can monitor the status of equipment on the production line without having to visit the field. incidents, while recorded data and reports are generated periodically that can help users to analyze device usage.
  • The wireless module I / O WISE-4050 is a wireless module with its many features and logging functions with the RTC timeline that can correctly handle more than 10,000 data samples. The internal memory card can temporarily store data when the network connection is lost, and can continue downloading data after the network is recovered without worrying about data loss.
  • The count function records the number of times of WIPs and allows the user to calculate different times using programming software, so it is possible to evaluate production efficiency.
  • Supports multiple transmission protocols (including Modbus / TCP, TCP / IP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, etc.), and RESTful Web API functions to make it easier for programs or software systems to retrieve data collect.
  • With its compact size (80 x 148 x 25 mm), the WISE-4050 does not take up much space for wireless data transmission. Provides mounting options for rails, walls, and DIN stacks that allow crowded and complex plant environments to be appropriately installed on site.
  • Benefiting from WebAccess, a browser-based software that supports a wide variety of computer and phone devices, users can control surveillance anywhere and anytime. Advantech provides a professional version with 600 cards to link to the scale of the control panel factory, allowing users to have sufficient access to view the production line monitoring system. In addition, Advantech offers customized software services for customers’ special requirements to make this solution more suitable for the needs of the panel manufacturer.



  • In response to the smart manufacturing process of the IoT era, Advantech’s latest WISE-4000 series is not only wireless modules, but also data collection, pre-processing, direct uploading and counting. Power is combined. The variety of products can help manufacturers require quick deployment against smart factory applications to collect basic information and provide wireless to cloud platforms or management systems. physical.
  • Take this project as a good example, through WebAccess / SCADA software and WISE-4050 module, Advantech’s remote monitoring solution can link down to different devices and sensors as well as link up to all both existing production management systems because they support multiple standard interfaces; Moreover, it can ensure the accuracy of the data collected and provide various charts and reports.
  • When the integrated hardware and software solution is completed and more cost-effective, it will allow panel manufacturers to quickly implement the production line monitoring system with the most economic efficiency and With the rapid deployment method, in the future the company will use Advantech products to fill IoT applications and improve production of all factories in the world.

Source: Advantech