4 trends of production prospects of 4.0 revolution

Industry 4.0 is developing quite strongly in many countries around the world. So let’s find out, 4 new trends of how to revolution 4.0 for production.
Industry 4.0 is the opportunity and challenge of businesses


Automation or production on automated systems is an important trend for industries. In recent studies, up to 50% of Flex’s processes have been fully automated. This change will bring more advantages to businesses. The products produced by automation models will have higher accuracy and especially higher productivity and will replace people to do things in environments that do not have high safety.

Most robots come to the throne

According to experts predicting roasting, in the near future, machinery will gradually replace the labor force but still subject to supervision and inspection of human activities. As evidenced by the fact that many factories are built and operated by robots, virtual reality technologies and smart devices are born more and more. Because of that, in the industrial age of 4.0, robots are the weapons that help people complete their tasks more perfectly. At the same time, it also opens up new development potentials for businesses.

Cloud computing technology

Cloud computing is used more in the industrial revolution 4.0. In the industrial age 4.0, factories tend to improve toward using cloud computing in parallel with virtual reality technologies. With this method, smart sensors will transform data into different units capable of connecting to other types of machines. At the same time, it is possible to store statistics and automatically stop devices when having problems. This work aims to improve safety in production.

360 ° production technology

With 360 ° manufacturing technology, factories can test and monitor situations in virtual reality models. The simulation of these processes will help save time and can control the risks in the production process as well as the process will take place as planned.

This transformation has created many opportunities and challenges for businesses. Understanding potential trends will help you quickly accelerate the process of production development, improve labor productivity and also save costs. However, careful consideration must be made before making an important decision.

Source Thảo Phạm – kinhtevadubao.vn