1.3 AD-W-AUD10 Audio Control Device


Product features: 

Communicate with the central controller AD-W- 512 via RS485 port.

  • Operation principle: When there is a signal activation from the working position (Sub) the information will be transferred to the central processing device (AD-W-512) and the signal will be transmitted to the control device. sound control. Depending on the event triggered – the corresponding sound will be emitted to the speaker of the working position.
  • There are 8 music output ports corresponding to 8 separate lines (each with a separate speaker). If at the same time more events are triggered – the system will sound according to the queue principle (each time only one line is played after 20 seconds after another pass).
  • There are 02 ports to broadcast general events when needing to notify the whole system.


  • Power Supply:  220V AC.
  • Getways: 8.
  • There is 01 to program to change the sound output content (update the memory card information).

(*) The current improved generation – we have used RF wireless technology very convenient for construction, installation …
Link reference wireless audio control device.

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