Do not install a delay camera on the truck (September 13, 2020)

Không lùi thời hạn lắp camera trên xe kinh doanh vận tải

The Ministry of Transport is required to comply with Decree 10/2020 on camera mounting on vehicles used for transport business –

The Ministry of Transport requires to comply with the roadmap of installing surveillance cameras on transport business vehicles in Decree 10/2020.

An Giang Automobile Transport Association has just issued a petition to functional sectors to delay the time to install cameras on transport business vehicles for at least 2 years so that businesses will “wake up” after a nightmare. Covid-19, this is also practical to help businesses overcome difficulties.
Affirming not to delay the time to install a camera on a vehicle for transport business, the Ministry of Transport requires that the Government comply with the Government’s Decree 10/2020 on business and transport business conditions. by car; Circular No. 12/2020 of the Ministry of Transport regulating the organization and management of car transportation and road transport support services.

Previously, the Prime Minister issued Decree 10/2020 replacing Decree 86/2014 regulating the conditions for car transport business and took effect from April 1, 2020.

Decree stipulates: Before July 1, 2021, passenger cars with a capacity of 9 seats (including the driver) or more, and container trucks and tractors must be installed. The camera records and stores images on the vehicle during traffic.

Image data is provided to police, traffic inspectors and licensing agencies, ensuring public and transparent surveillance. Minimum on-board image storage time of 24 hours for vehicles operating on journeys up to 500 kilometers and minimum of 72 hours for vehicles operating on journeys over 500 kilometers. Camera images on vehicles must be transmitted at a frequency of 15 – 20 times / hour (equivalent to 3-5 minutes / time of data transmission) to transport business units and competent state management units. Image data must be provided in a timely, accurate manner, without alteration or distortion before, during and after transmission.


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